Year in Ears 2014 #10

Best Front Yard Show at the End of One’s Backroad

July 18, 2014
Special Ghosts and Bear Flag Trio
Burlington Hotel, Port Costa

A chance to be charmed by two trios in the feel-good venue of the year at the end of the road before you get dunked in the Carquinez Strait? Check. Special Ghosts, which includes local artists Michael Wertz, Andy Cowitt and Isabel Samaras not only brought their idiosyncratic folk pop but a series of handmade adoptable ghosts to complement the Burlington’s apocryphal tradition. You can buy one and I probably don’t need to remind you that you should after you content yourself with the promotional video. Bear Flag Trio came down the other way from Sacatormento to sing of joy and despair using member Chris Harvey’s Turkeytone guitars.

The audience crammed in to the front room of the hotel to see the show, too many of us because we’re so in love with these people and couldn’t coordinate the right number in advance, all of us careful not to smash everything to smithereens simply because we weigh 100% more than the pioneers the furniture was designed for, and none of us really wanting to go home.

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