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[dec 29, 2010]
3 Blind Mice: the Berkeley Poetry Slam House Band

I love this gig. Monumental multi-instrumentalist Jeff Hobbs casts a bunch of us (as available – this time Joe Rut) to play poets on and off the stage at this long-running weekly series.

[dec 18, 2010]
Works by Polly Moller [supported by Kickstarter]

Composed works, improvisation frameworks and sound-art rituals, including Genesis for twelve improvisers, Penelope for solo piccolo, and The Flip Quartet. At the Trinity Chamber Concert Series in Berkeley.

[dec 15, 2010]

Hannukah was over, but the Ivy Room Improv/Experimental Hootenanny and Social Club still had its big barrel of boiling oil, thanks to

  • The Atchleys [kattt and Kenneth]
    voice and electronics and latkes
  • Dean Santomieri [with me and that man Michael Zelner]
    voice and reeds and percussion and jonathan franzen and latkes
  • Amar Chaudhary
    electronics and… applesauce, we needed to balance this out.

[nov 4-7 and 11-14, 2010]
[ODD] with Axis Dance Troupe, inkBoat, Joan Jean-Renaud and Dohee Lee

An evening-length triptypch choreographed by Shinichi Iova-Koga in collaboration with AXIS Dance Company and composer/musician Joan Jeanrenaud. The collaboration is inspired by the paintings of Odd Nerdrum, an Iceland-based contemporary painter whose work evokes classical styles/approaches that evokes Rembrandt, yet contains content which merges archaic existence with modern artifacts.
at ODC Theater, San Francisco and Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, Oakland

[nov 3, 2010]
Daniel Popsicle
The Active Music Series presented Dan Plonsey’s large ensemble (debuting work from the New Monsters book) at The Ivy Room along with Jacob Zimmerman’s Lawson, which you should listen to as soon as you can.

[oct 30, 2010]
Murder Ballads

Val Esway’s annual showcase of songs of misery and despair at The Starry Plough. Ditched the Santa suit and donned a deconstructed dalmation costume to drum with The Doggy Doors [Joy Sue Hutchinson, John Shiurba and Lynn Murdock] for a lengthy Kurtz manhunt.

[oct 27, 2010]
ubRadio Salon: LongPlayer’s Journey Into Night
With Univac from the backyard studio of Big City Orchestra and streamed live over the interwebs [audio part 1 | audio part 2].

[oct 24, 2010]
Daniel Popsicle at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire

Color and New Monster music from Dan Plonsey performed by the large ensemble Daniel Popsicle. The Faire takes place all day on the campus of Park Day School. Also on the bill the beloved Toychestra. Tickets $7 – $20 here.

[oct 16, 2010]
With many others assembled by LongNow, which is Jem Finer’s 1,000 year long composition that’s been playing continuously at listening posts around the world since the beginning of the millennium. We played for 1,000 minutes in the Forum of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.
[I cannot escape this. It began after performing with Thingamajigs and Stephen Ratcliffe as he read a 1,000-page poem written over 1,000 days]

[oct 15, 2010]
The Overdub Club
With Alfonso Alvarez, Thad Povey and Lucio Menegon at an evening of cinema psychedelica, multiple projection pieces, and film loops by Craig Baldwin, Gibbs Chapman and others at Berkeley Art Museum’s L@TE. One of many things celebrating Pacific Film Archive’s first book, Radical Light: Alternative Film and Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-2000.

[sept 24, 2010]
Expanded Strangelet at Oakland Underground Film Festival
OAKUFF Night Two with the all pedal orchestra invented by Lucio Menegon convening without him at the Linden Street Brewery in West Oakland. With Patrice Scanlon and Michael Zelner.

[sept 22, 2010]
Cool Hand Lukenanny

An improv duo with Organ of Qwerty, the electronic alter ego of John Hanes at the The Ivy Room Noise Improv Hootenanny and Social Club. Also on the bill Zardoz (Peter Tripodi and Jimb Lyons of Spot 1019) and film by Alfonso Alvarez, plus, since it was a Hoot, no cover, comfy couches, many surprises.

[sep 15, 2010]
ubRadio Salon: Things
With Edward Schocker and Zachary James Watkins from the backyard studio of Big City Orchestra which streamed live over the interwebs at www.dfm.nu.

[aug 25, 2010]
ubRadio Salon: Metal
From the backyard studio of Big City Orchestra which streamed live over the interwebs at www.dfm.nu. [video | audio | audio continued]

[aug 19, 2010]
Tiny Owl
Live drumming to the electronic landscapes of Lance Grabmiller, Matt Davignon and Sebastian Krawczuk at The Luggage Store Gallery.

[aug 6, 2010]
Illuminated Corridor Surreptitiously at EBExpress Party
IllCorr rustled up some public art, film and live music at some interstitial spot during the East Bay Express’ annual party.

[jul 31, 2010]
Bigge Cittee Orchestrae on KALX Live
BCO threw small percussion noisiness at me during their live performance from 9pm to midnight on 90.7FM / interwebs

[jul 30, 2010]
Long Tones/Throws at oakUff Salon
Oakland Underground Film Festival reprised its Salon with performative cinema, installations and music. Wayne Grim (bLakcPulletGrimoireThee Obscurantist) and I dragged a long tether of sound and image along the floors of  the Salon until it threatened to break.

[jul 15, 2010]
The Bowls Project Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Jason Ditzian, Frank Lee and I suspended and sonified Inkboat’s Shinichi Ioga-Kova and Dohee Lee as they engaged with Charming Hostess’ Bowls Project.

[jul 8 and 11, 2010]
Dan Plonsey’s Bar Mitzvah

with Dandelion Dance Theater at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, part of the 25th Annual Jewish Music Festival. RIP Harvey Pekar.

[jul 5, 2010]
The Apple Orchestra at the Monday Makeout

A post-Fourth of July shred and swede of the worst musical about music ever made. at the MakeOut Room. With John Shiurba , David Slusser, Jeff Hobbs, Peter Conheim and Michael Zelner with benshi, color commentary (and perhaps accordion) by Richard Von Busack. Short improv sets before.

[jul 2, 2010]
Expanded Strangelet Minus One

The pedal orchestra invented by Lucio Menegon convened without him at the Oakland Underground Film Festival’s Salon at the defuncto Barnes and Noble in Jack London Square. With Amar ChaudharyMatt Davignon, Wayne GrimJohn Hanes, Lance Grabmiller, Jonathan Segel and Michael Zelner.

[jun 21, 2010]
Daniel Popsicle at Garden of Memory

Dan Plonsey’s Color Music was marooned in the courtyard outside the annual perambulation among the dead. With alternating sets with Orchestra Nostalgico, bask in the trombone playing of Tom Yoder.

[june 15, 2010]
S L Morse: No Exit
The morse code conceptual trio led by Sarah Lockhart (drums) with Aurora Josephson (vocals) and me on mallets performed the text of Jean Paul-Sartre’s Huis Clos at, fittingly, Amnesia.

[june 12, 2010]
Whispers of Reverberance
Unweathered Embers, a new ensemble featuring over a dozen Bay Area vocalists and acoustic musicians conducted and composed by Myrmyr at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, San Francisco. Part of the Soundwave Festival ((4)).

[may 30]
Daniel Popsicle
Reprising at the Berkeley Arts Festival with Color Music of El Cerrito and excerpts from Leave Me Alone. Chance to roam the future Judah L.Magnes Museum at 2121 Allston, odd, very odd.

[may 20-21-22]
Bike-In Movies
The Department of Public Works of the Illuminated Corridor helped eastbaynian human power advocates light up neighborhoods with outdoor cinema. Hop on your bike and come over. You’re needed to pedal those projections into existence.

[may 17]
Greyscale Minus One at the Ivy Room Hootenanny
A night of intermedia with the cinematic compositions of Citta di Vitti and the poetic improvisations of Dottie Grossman and trombonist Michael Vlatkovich. If you stayed very very late, you’ll have seen us interpolating a vintage film, cough, that follows a woman around the kitchen and into the bedroom.

[may 16, 2010]
Remarks on Color/Sound
14-hour piece centered on reading of Stephen Ratcliffe’s poem by the same title (written between 7.15.05 and 4.8.08 – 1,000 pages in 1,000 consecutive days). With Edward Schocker, Dylan Bolles, Michael Meyers and Zachary Watkins. Begins at at 5:59 AM (sunrise) and ends when Stephen has spoken the entire work. At the Gymnasium, Headlands Center for the Arts.

[may 7-8 and 14-15-16]
An immersive dance theatre event that will lead audiences on a journey through and around the Cal State East Bay University Theatre with two works that focus on issues concerning growing up, rites of passage and what it means to be an adult: Nina Haft’s Red Riding Hood and Dan Plonsey’s Bar Mitzvah, a collaboration of Dandelion Dance Theater and Dan PlonseyTickets $15 / $10 / $5.

[may 3, 2010]
Daniel Popsicle Plays More Music of El Cerrito
Debut at the Monday MakeOut of the large ensemble and Dan Plonsey’s 99 pieces of Color Music, of which I have to say Breezy Brown Clouds is my favorite.

[april 30, 2010]
The Secret Society at L@TE!
Shhhhhh! 7:30pm

[april 22, 2010]
More, Yet Different Lucio Menegon’s Sonic Demons
The official CD Release of Lucio’s Sonic Demons at the Outsound New Music Series at The Luggage Store Gallery. I was sampling with jurassic electonics, which are far easier to carry up the Luggage Store Gallery stairs than drums.

[april 19, 2010]
Lucio Menegon’s Sonic Demons
An Ivy Room Hootenanny that included Lucio’s Sonic Demons collective of musicians: a double duo of guitars (with Wayne Grim) and drums (with John Hanes) with Jeff Hobbs as Rodeo Clown.

[april 18, 2010]
Edward Schocker’s At The Headlands You Know
Sunday Open Studio at the Headlands Art Center with Edward Schocker in the Gymnasium playing recent compositions with Edward, Dylan Bolles, Judy Halebsky and John Ingle.

[april 16, 2010]
Stranger Strangers Duet: John Shiurba
Guitar and percussion, likely with household objects, mainly from the kitchen, at the Totally Fractal Mindgaze Hut joining the bill of duet Ava Mendoza (guitar) and Thollem McDonas (piano).

[april 14, 2010]
Harvey Pekar and Dan Plonsey’s Bar Mitzvah Band

Holy Hill, Berkeley
That second chance to listen to Harvey Pekar while he was in the Bay Area and hear performances of excerpts from both Harvey and Dan’s opera Leave Me Alone and Dan Plonsey’s Bar Mitzvah.
[intriguing youTube interview]

[april 3, 2010]
ADACHI Tomomi with Edward Schocker, Dylan Bolles and
 Judy Halebsky
plus a set by Laetitia Sonami
Part of The Pacific Exchange program of Thingamajigs, featuring solo and multiple performance configurations with Tomomi‘s self-made electronic/acoustic instruments and interfaces, including his tupperware instruments and infrared sensor shirt.

[april 1, 2010]
Dandelion Dance Theater | Dan Plonsey’s Bar Mitzvah Band

Work in progress excerpts from Dan Plonsey’s Bar Mitzvah performed as part of the April SpaceCraft! CellSpace’s first Thursday showcase of new work by resident artists. 7-11pm, Dandelion/BMB go on at 8.

[mar 31, 2010]
ubRadio Salon with Big City Orchestra and Blancahillary

Jurassic electronics and a giant bass drum, weather permitting, in the Alameda-based studio of Big City Orchestra. 4-6pm at http://dfm.nu/.

[mar 29, 2010]
Delicate & Destructive on a Nebraska Monday

Lucio Menegon , Valerie Kuehne and I will conflate two noisy experiments at Ross Hammond’s series at the Luna’s Cafe in Sacramento. $5-10 sliding.

[mar 5, 2010]
Illuminated Art Walking the Art Murmur
with Sade Huron and Whitney Gardner

[feb 25, 2010]
Genesis for Twelve Improvisers (Premiere; Polly Moller, Composer)
The Luggage Store Gallery, SF
with Karen Stackpole, Marielle Jakobsons, Agnes Szelag, Marianne Tomita MacDonald, Jayn Petingill, Cheryl Leonard, Lisa Mezzacappa, Sangita Moskow, Nancy Beckman and Matt Davignon

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