the independent sector

Since 1991 I’ve been working with arts-based, youth development and, most recently, philanthropy and philanthropy-serving organizations, including grantees and grantmakers, emerging and established, incorporated and not so, or on their way to being so.

My focus is infrastructure (finance, technology, and governance) and my passion is slightly upstream of that: hybrid enterprises and progressive partnerships that result in sustainable communities and shift perspective on where solutions come from, and why they succeed.

I cut my teeth on this as a staffer in the City of Oakland’s Cultural Arts Division under the leadership of Henry Gardner, and I will always be grateful to the 100+ arts organizations that were inspiring the Division’s programs from that era. These artists and educators, along with powerful mentors within City Hall, taught me principles of arts management and social change in the rich cultural landscape of Oakland. Every group I work with in this sector teaches me something about the potential for good, including how elusive it can be.

did work with now working with
  • 21 Grand
  • Bayennale
  • City of Oakland Cultural Arts Division
  • City of Oakland Cultural Affairs Commission
  • Soundwave
  • Museum of Children’s Art (mocha)
  • Northern California Grantmakers
  • Neighborhood Public Radio
  • Northern California Grantmakers
  • Oakland Leaf Foundation
  • San Francisco Cinematheque
  • San Francisco Electronic Music Festival
  • Six Women and An Idea / Spokes of a Hub
  • SperryFest
  • Theater of Yugen
  • Thingamajigs
  • Transbay Calendar
  • Alameda County Registrar of Voters
  • Artists Television Access
  • Center for New Music
  • PEAK Grantmaking
  • Prelinger Library
  • Walter and Elise Haas Fund