Someone Is Looking Out For Our Featured City

Walked around just now, just to feel what a Featured City feels like.

Lori Zook sends this in:

Thanks to the lobbying of a few Bay Area artists organizations, the Contemporary Artists Center in North Adams, MA (CAC NAMA) has chosen to award a minimum 40% fellowship to all artists living or working in the SF Bay Area who apply for residencies by the summer (May 15) or fall (July 15) deadline.

Additionally we will provide one Bay Area artist with a 100% fellowship for a two-week artist residency. The artist will be chosen by LoBot Gallery Director, Adam Hatch, from among all the applications received at the CAC by the postmark date of May 15.

CAC NAMA focuses on emerging, professional contemporary artists. We seek artists who want to produce, explore, test new concepts and take an active role in making the CAC a new type of Research & Development art laboratory. CAC NAMA accepts artists for residencies who offer quality in their art and encourages diversity of style, medium and concepts.

Located in the Berkshire Mountains, CAC NAMA is part of one of the most important contemporary art regions outside of metropolitan cities. The nations largest contemporary visual and performing arts museum, MASS MoCA, is located here, as are the Clark Art Institute, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Tanglewood Music Festival, Jacob’s Pillow Dance, Berkshire Museum as well as other cultural venues.

The Beaver Mill, home of the CAC, is a 130,000 sq ft historic brick and stone mill situated on 27 acres of woodland and adjoining the Natural Bridge State Park. The CAC NAMA comprises 25,000 sq ft of the building and houses five galleries, a residency hall, and approximately 12,000 sq ft of studio space.
During a summer residency, artists also have the opportunity to participate in other CAC programs, including residency exhibitions, studio and museum visits, workshops, demonstrations and artist’s lectures.

CAC NAMA provides merit, need based, or featured city awards to approximately 90% of Residents. Please apply by priority deadlines for consideration. Award amounts range from $50/wk to full cost.

4 Replies to “Someone Is Looking Out For Our Featured City”

  1. This lobbying doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that one of the directors of Mass MoCa is Adam Hatch’s ex-girlfriend, would it?

  2. This lobbying doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that one of the directors of Mass MoCa is Adam Hatch’s ex-girlfriend, would it?

  3. Impossible to say, but thank you for letting it swing out there wide and low. I’d love it if my ex’s rewarded my failed relationship by featuring my city.

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