make me wanna shout

I think I can put together a compilation of songs that all anchor around a moment when there’s a unison performance of odd numbers of eighth notes.

Yeah, of course you need an example.

When it happens, I feel like something really important is happening and I jump around and pretend to be part of the unison performance from where I sit or stand. I actually think my lip curls up like…


like Billy Idol’s in White Wedding (granted any Billy Idol song would do).

But would odd-numbers of unison eighth notes qualify as stadium chant fodder?


  1. now only the rhythm track from Queen’s We Are The Champions
  2. slightly imprecise responses to the call and response of Gary Glitter’s Rock and Roll Part II
  3. that dance track with chorused male vocal that makes me think I’m in central europe at some festival with a million or more attendees
  4. oh for fuck’s sake

Baseball players walk to the plate to the strains of their individual theme music, like Shaft walked through his movies. Who is picking this music? The aspiring musician-pro-ballplayer? His overestimating girlfriend?

So I axed MZ what his batter box theme music was and he waved the question off, like, with his hand, I think. I know what mine is, I said, eagerly, aren’t you interested to know? Aren’t you dying to find out? Isn’t it peaking your curiosity?

Fugazi, I said, kinda extra loud in case somebody could overhear me and be even a little more impressed than MZ.

Reclamation, I added.

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