It’s OK to sell things here

Eli is selling his bass because he has two. I feel I can’t point
people to the spot where I’m selling my gear not because it’s
duplicate gear, but because it’s aesthetically inert gear.

My reason seems not as admissible as Eli’s.

In fact, the whole thing seems like a crime. I’m cast into a woodcut that shows some dark usury going on, if only one could get a better look at the foxed print. It is as if to say:

If I had the patience, talent, or self-esteem, I would learn how to use this gear in acts of remarkable self-expression.

Musicians who sell their gear give an air of distress. Somehow, the practice of their art isn’t sufficient to bridge the gap between
responsibilities and resources. The only people a musician wishes to sell the gear to likely cannot afford it, being similarly distressed.

So now I’m worried about selling to a non-musician.

I hope it’s how a horsewoman feels when she sells a pony to a indulgent parent.

If I could plant the gear and have it grow something someone else needs to eat, I’d do it.

The way I’ve set it up, I can only look forward to the money in an
amount that’s slightly less than satisfying.

2 thoughts on “It’s OK to sell things here

  1. Anonymous says:

    from your fan in Lower Manhattan

    Dear Suki O,

    1) I’ll bet I understand a greater percentage of your unexplained references (“MZ,” “Burning Man,” etc.) than nearly any other reader.

    2) This is one of the coolest looking and best written sites I’ve seen all day.

    3) Are you serious about selling a bass? Because I’m in the market. I’d especially like a Hoffner violin-body bass.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Re: from your fan in Lower Manhattan

    1) Burning Man? You mean that big festival that’s been happening every year since 1986? The one where about 30,000 people showed up to participate this year? The one which has been covered by just about every major media outlet in recent years? What’s to explain?!

    2) There’s always tomorrow!

    3) She’s not selling a bass — she heard about someone else who is (Eli). And he was selling a contrabass (you know, the big acoustic kind). If you do find a “Hoffner” bass for sale, don’t buy it — it’s a cheap knockoff. Paul played a Hofner.


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