lifting the issue is convening folks over at beebe this coming thursday, and has opened the invitation to any candidate who is seeking to serve Oaklanders: would-be auditors, superintendents of schools, state assemblymen and women, secretaries of state… and yes, mayors and councilmembers.

Our message was this: please meet us. Listen. Converse. Highlight, or begin to imagine, components of your platform that speak to the value of the arts, a matter of real interest for Oakland artists, cultural workers, educators, children and parents.

And to artists: what is your question for the people and proposals contained in the June 6 ballot? What matters? What are you gonna do about it?

Randolph of Support Oakland Artists (and so much more) has kicked open this spot.

It looks like a feeder for the arts policy of the Dellums Campaign, but, as creative people, you know what to do with blank canvas. Have at it.

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