we have one question…

…OK, more than one.The arts community has urged artvote.org to follow Urban Habitat’s example of providing a questionnaire that permits candidates to state their positions. With input from the May 10 and May 18 artvote confabs, the work of oaklandartists.com © Ilka Hartmann 2006
and artfagmafia.com, we developed questions about Oakland Arts and the issues we face in the areas of cultural facilities, the role of the arts in economic development, dedicated funding for the arts, arts education and more. We’re sending the questions to all candidates wishing to serve Oakland, and you can view and answer them yourself out at tribe.net and at the discussion area hosted by Support Oakland Artists. SOA is squarely in the Dellums camp, but their approach is impeccably even-handed, if a little sparse due to the classic band-width issues we’re all having right now.Tell you what: artvote.org encourages everyone to use any open door to the arts to voice your concerns and advance our creative solutions.

lifting the issue

artvote.org is convening folks over at beebe this coming thursday, and has opened the invitation to any candidate who is seeking to serve Oaklanders: would-be auditors, superintendents of schools, state assemblymen and women, secretaries of state… and yes, mayors and councilmembers.

Our message was this: please meet us. Listen. Converse. Highlight, or begin to imagine, components of your platform that speak to the value of the arts, a matter of real interest for Oakland artists, cultural workers, educators, children and parents.

And to artists: what is your question for the people and proposals contained in the June 6 ballot? What matters? What are you gonna do about it?

Randolph of Support Oakland Artists (and so much more) has kicked open this spot.

It looks like a feeder for the arts policy of the Dellums Campaign, but, as creative people, you know what to do with blank canvas. Have at it.