everyday i feel killed by politicians

Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 13:48:40 -0700
To: Suki O’Kane
From: Hugh Livingston
Subject: Re: Artship in SF?
Suki, The word is that the Nat’l Historic Preservation Society jumped in and got an injunction to hold off shipping the boat to China, so it was temporarily put up at Mare Island. It is not accessible and nobody thinks it will last long. Slobodan is confused as to why they didn’t team up with ARTSHIP Foundation earlier, but that is apparently how they work. Meanwhile, the ARTSHIP Foundation, which existed before the Golden Bear, continues to exist. They receive grants, do public works, mediation, the Windows, etc. Slobodan believes that two loose associates came and made such an announcement at the committee meeting, which may have been misinterpreted. They only wanted to say everybody was still alive and making art, not to be killed by politicians.

Ai yi yi: another great band name.

If it is true that the Artship is not a ship, but a coalition of creative programming, then I am satisfied, much in the way I am satisfied that P-Funk’s Mother Ship is not a ship, although I heard recently the Mother Ship Is Returning.

Slobodan Dan Paich and George Clinton would make a remarkable pair.

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