2004.04.04 ears

    I am updating zoka.com, which is normally mysterious and counter-intuitive, with a gesture toward, as opposed to a meaningful summary of, the various House of Zoka music projects.

    1. This after planning all morning to paint the front door of my building with a homage to Magritte’s Treachery of Images: Ceci n’est pas une porte cassée. The door glass was broken over a week ago and was boarded up, but no repair seems forthcoming. It’s just a piece of plywood, so it deserves a treatment. Perhaps tonight.
    2. This after putting a nearly-forgotten cover of Mission of Burma’s That’s When I Reach For My Revolver by She Mob out for consideration to, get this, a compilation of women’s punk rock that features women punk rockers covering songs written by men. The editor is not getting many bites. I think it has something to do with women punk rockers having other creative priorities.
    3. This after wondering if there was any audio documentation for Daniel Popsicle on the web and so while a-googling
    4. I find this blog entry that not only describes the Daniel Popsicle experience (as a player or as a listener) perfectly, but had a Mission of Burma previ-link that included an eloquent and insightful reference to Magritte.
    5. And. Plus. A link to Radio Free Blogistan, which is how I got started here.
    6. I must know this person.
    7. Or do I?
    8. Oh. The sun just came out.
    9. Gnomesayin.

1 thought on “2004.04.04 ears

  1. sarahellco says:

    I think this guy was a good friend of Matt Sperry; at least it was the same domain where Matt’s memorial site w/ all the comments was.


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