the difference between a proletariat and a proletarian

something more than a consonant.

I only mention it because in a post that I forwarded on behalf of Spokes of a Hub, Proletariat Bronze was called out as Proletarian Bronze. I hate misspelling band names almost as much as I hate hearing band names mispronounced by KALX DJs when they read the calendar listings.

But yes, Oakland Arts, it’s all up inside those references and here’s why:

Spokes of a Hub is convening again:

  • tuesday 25 may 2004 at 6pm
    at the new pro arts
    550 second st at clay
    oakland, california
    alliances, collaborations and advocacy
    a candid panel discussion with funders and collaborators

This is my first billing as a Moderator and I’m hoping it goes straight to my head. I’ll spend Sunday morning watching the news shows to hone my skills.

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