Ring the Bell that Can Still Ring,

forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” Leonard Cohen

Cultural Affairs Commission Retreat today. It ended in a way no one anticipated, so the universe (via laughing squid) provided its explanation with a random calendar listing driven by the quote above.

Right before the agenda crashed, there was a screeching sound. The little red ball that rolled out in the street is stored out at spokes of a hub. Go get it and throw it back here.

We can get a few more up before it gets too dark to play.

And thanks to these folks for putting on a show that required laughing squid in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Ring the Bell that Can Still Ring,

  1. Little Pope Pete says:

    On first reading Kerouac, we learned of the difference between `cool’ and `commercial.’ The one was Bird and Diz and Slim Gaillard, the other was figured in George Shearing, who ran from his livid sweaty bebop days into slick market-driven Latin Jazz, gigs with Peggy Lee at Basin Street East, or Brubach with a cover of Jazz Red Hot and Cool which was actually a Revlon ad.
    Is this still it? Do I have the numbers right?

  2. Little Pope Pete says:

    Very Freudian typo, as which ain’t? I meant “Brubeck” and wrote “Brubach” which conmingles with Bach. Brubeck and his hornguy Paul Desmond were known for “Bach-like counterpoint.” I read that in liner notes forty some-odd years ago and it leaps back come some dawn like last night’s pattymelt from Denny’s.


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