Life recorded is double lived.

I used to drink Steinlager in big green bottles from the corner gas station at High Street and San Leandro: my ersatz 40. Thee Parkside actually sells it on tap, which is kind of like selling Hamm’s on tap, but without the attractive price of 40 cents per glass. Guess what?


I drink it anyway.

Here Are The Facts You Requested:

1. thomas richard morgan, etc. has a wee time management problem

2. the beatles ruined it for us by successfully recording without the support of a tour

3. it approaches the ideal to be surrounded by friends without having died first in order to get them all in one room

4. even the littlest stages permit jumping around

5. rca video cameras from the mid-80s do just fine, thank you

6. when all the members of hatfyr sing together, it’s an ethereal polyphonic birdcall.

7. transcender/hatfyr/transcender is so way much better than the creaky no legroom thanks to mr. frith interpretations of cecil taylor, maddeningly performed while cecil taylor hung out in the back somewhere. If the performers had degraded themselves a little (perhaps with steinlager) they would have portsmouth symphonium-ed. Sadly, no. I left at the intermission, choosing to fail to find ice cream rather than listen to more. Come to find out that during the second set the expressive vocalist (apparently spontaneously) decided to run straight into a wall and fall to the floor. I am such a day long sucker for physical comedy, and it is a rare feature in cecil taylor performances, that I kind of kicked myself for not hanging in…

…then I unkicked myself.

Sue says Dead Moon at the Bottom of the Hill friday night. She has a thousand and one reasons one should go, but I just realized they have the same compass on their website that I had tatted onto the top of my head.


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