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You are invited to help create a vision for sustaining Oakland’s vibrant arts and culture.

Gather around the table on March 29 from 6:45-8:15pm at
Arts First Oakland
at First Congregational Church of Oakland
2501 Harrison St at 27th Street in the Gallery. Room 20.
Light reception at 6:45pm.

See agenda below.

We are Six Women with an Idea:
Raissa De La Rosa
Amy Kweskin
Eve Lindi
Suki O’Kane
Stephanie JT Russell
Elena Serrano

Our Goals:
1) Bring together arts and culture workers and introduce our vision and mission for alliance and
2) Encourage networking among participants.
3) Discuss a shared vision for vibrant and sustainable arts and culture in Oakland.
4) Create buzz – pass this email on to 5 more people!

Host and Facilitator Eve Lindi of Arts First Oakland

RSVP to Amy Kweskin at amy@amykweskin.com
Eve Lindi at 510-444-8511 x15

If you can’t attend let us know if you want to be on the email list.

6:45–7:05-People arrive, sign in, network, nibble,
share marketing collateral (tables in atrium)

7:05–7:15-Welcome, host introductions, and purpose of
meeting (Eve facilitator, Amy, Elena, Suki, Stephanie)

7:15–7:25-Introductions: name & organization

7:25–7:30-Introduce Small Group Discussion Questions:
–What is a collaboration – what does it mean to be an
–If arts service organizations, funders, business
partners, etc. were in the room with us right now,
what would we say to them about the unique strengths
and challenges of Oakland‚s arts and cultural
–Looking at the following areas of interest, what can
we do better in collaboration (vs. within our own
existing organizations)? What differences would an
alliance make?

1) Professional Development & Learning

2) Board Development

3) Resource Development
–Technical (legal, fiscal, technology, skills bank,
marketing & PR)

4) Public & Inter-Org Communication
–Audience development – demographics, geographic
–Media support

5) Others?

7:30–7:50 Small Group Discussion

7:50–8:00 Re-gather and report back on areas
identified for collaboration

8:00–8:05 Next Steps – Announce next gathering in May
at Pro Arts and explain follow-up survey

8:05–8:10 Brief Evaluation (one-word feeling)

We look forward to seeing you there!

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