2004.03.09 ears

  • back to that fucking lee ranaldo song
    ASK. ME. IF. I. CARE.
  • deerhoof
  • The Mysterious MZ decided to record this and miscalculated what part of the warehouse they would set up in: the low stage in front of us or the big stage we were perched on. The latter. So he jumped down and crossed over to where the, what?, german? french? spanish? drunk? young men were tumbling over eachother in basically dangerous, but polite, abandon. MMZ tells me to stand in front of the mic stand and protect it.

    The whole show with my arms folded over my chest and my jaw set in enforcer position. What a happy way to enjoy Deerhoof!

    The next night at Bottom of the Hill was apparently identical but for a few. The Shan Franshiskans stood expressionless through the entire thing.

    I stayed home and listened to Milk Man, which may be a breakthrough, or the end, I cannot tell:

    3-29 – Glasgow, Scotland – TBA
    3-30 – London, England – Spitz
    3-31 – London, England – XFM session
    4-1 – London, England – Peel session
    4-2 – All Tomorrow’s Parties

1 thought on “2004.03.09 ears

  1. djmermaid says:

    I wanna hear the “Ask Me If I Care” song!

    And the Corn Plant song! I love that one. I actually made up my own melody to sing it to because I like the words so much. But I want to hear the melody it is supposed to have.

    Davor and I make up songs all the time… but we are dorks who use existing melodies (like the Rocky theme… I said we were dorks!)

    We’ve got the “MSU Song” (MSU = Making Shit Up) (oops, I swore in your LJ!) and songs for just about any occasion.


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