3 thoughts on “2004.02.29 ears

  1. sarahellco says:

    Is minding mythic depth like minding the gap or the third rail?

    I definitely mind mythic depth … very careful of heavy-handed symbolism and “universalism” …

    or is it a typo and should be “mine mythic depth” in terms of “exploit it to the hilt”?

  2. suki says:

    mind? mine? mein?

    I initially took it as a possessive:

    be true to me o mine mythic depth!

    like that, as if “mythic depth” was the name of one’s… cat.

    “mint mythic depth”?

    “mend mythic depth”?

    If we come up with two more interpretations we’ll have one for every day of the week.

  3. sarahellco says:

    Re: mind? mine? mein?

    “mined mythic depth” — as in, been there, done that, I mean when you’re preparing for the long now, you’ve got a lot of time on your hands

    or it could be a reference to this character Mr. Mind


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