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  • Fri

    Playing on the Nines: Solvitur Ambulando (Nomadism)


    Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive
    Woo Hon Fai Hall
    2626 Bancroft Way
    2625 Durant Avenue
    Between College and Telegraph
    Directions / Parking

    Solvitur Ambulando (it is solved by walking) is a residency collaboration with performance artist Sasha HomThingamajigs Performance Group and Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive

    With a pre-concert discussion “Forms of Travel,” TPG is inviting like-minded Bay Area talents to join them in presenting new music, readings, and other performances on the subjects of nomadism and dislocation, belonging and disconnection.

    This L@TE performance is the second of three showing work in progress.

2012 | 2011 | 2010